Here is a collection of my thoughts in public on how to help you invest smarter.

Is there a reliable alternative to property investing?

Retirement planning, Investment, Passive income

Thinking of getting passive income for retirement? Here’s an alternative method to property investment which does not require high capital

18% p.a. returns? Why buying this fund alone can be potentially dangerous

Retirement planning, Investment

Have you heard about high performing funds that can give high potential returns? How safe are they? Our Certified Financial Planner shares her insights.

Are you keeping losers? 4 Expensive mistakes investors make in a market crash


Are you keeping losers and selling winners? What are the costly investment mistakes investor tend to make during a market crash? Read on to find out more.

Is dividend investing safe during high interest rate + inflation?

Passive income, Retirement planning, Investment, income investing

Can you really get consistent dividend payouts from income investing? Here are the dangers of dividend investing for retirement without a proper investment strategy.

Is your retirement fund enough with this unexpected cost?

Retirement planning, Long term care

Singaporeans often miss out on potential long term care costs in their retirement planning and this can be a significant sum. Find out how much you actually need.

Retiring soon? Why this popular withdrawal strategy is dangerous to follow blindly

Retirement planning, Investment, Passive income

Are you withdrawing your retirement funds using the popular 4% withdrawal rule? Or the percentage of portfolio rule? Here’s why it is risky to depend on these blindly.

What you don’t know about increasing retirement payouts on top of CPF LIFE

Retirement planning, Passive income, Investment

Are your CPF LIFE payouts enough for both your retirement and leaving a legacy to pass on your wealth to your loved ones? Here’s how you can increase your payouts on top of CPF LIFE

Bonds, REITs or Gold: Can these defensive assets really preserve your money in a volatile market?

Wealth preservation, income investing, Passive income, Investment

How should you handle a recession during your retirement years?

Retirement planning, Wealth preservation, Recession

You might outlive your money if you make these 3 retirement planning mistakes

Wealth preservation, Retirement planning, Passive income

How can you make your retirement funds last comfortably as long as you live? Singaporeans often make these expensive mistakes!

These Singaporeans did not do legacy planning right and their families had to pay the price

Legacy planning, Estate planning, Retirement planning

Legacy planning and estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Your children and future generations will benefit greatly if you do your wealth distribution well.

How to generate steady retirement income in an uncertain market with rising interest rates and high inflation?

Retirement planning, Wealth preservation

Can you still get consistent lifetime cash flow for retirement despite current market uncertainty? With high inflation and high interest rates, how can you still preserve your wealth and secure your retirement with your family?

Multiple Assets? Here’s what we can Learn from the High Net Worth on Wealth Preservation and Legacy Planning

Wealth preservation, Legacy planning, Estate planning, Retirement planning

How can you protect your assets, preserve your wealth and ensure that they get passed on to the next generation successfully? Crucial lessons we can learn from the high net worth.

Delaying your retirement despite having multiple assets?

What is lacking is a sound strategy with the latest solutions to optimise your assets, so you can receive multiple passive income streams. Get a complimentary consultation session now (for qualified applicants only).

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