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Of all the financial advisor representatives I have met before, Jasmine is truly one of the most impressive in terms of knowledge, professionalism, eloquence, sincerity and her strong power of perseverance and tenacity. I met her on 4 occasions, and each time, Jasmine was full of zest and positive energy. She would patiently and painstaking go through the fine print over and over with me because I was repeatedly seeking clarification. I am also very impressed as she knows the product she is selling inside out. She is tip precise.

Kris Leong, Manager for a condo property developer

Jasmine has been very efficient and professional in helping with my financial planning. What I really appreciate is that she makes sure I understand the details of the financial analysis and never use complicated jargons. Details are presented clearly and concisely so that I can easily understand the schemes and plans that I am getting. Jasmine is also not pushy and gives me time to consider and decide what is suitable for me. Appreciate her professionalism!

Grace Heng, Veterinary Surgeon and Clinic Owner

Jasmine has excellent product knowledge and is highly responsive even when I have many queries.

Miss Ang, Retiree

Jasmine is always responsive in answering any questions we have, providing accurate facts and figures for all investments recommended. When it comes to the administration of funds and paperwork, she is definitely someone who is dependable and gets it done with timely updates. We would recommend Jasmine if you want to grow your wealth with a peace of mind and be exposed to exciting new investment opportunities.

Kenny Koh, Product management manager in an engineering and electronics firm

Jasmine has a professional and persuasive charm in her presentation to friends and customers alike. She is able to understand and advise according to clients' needs, wants, current economic, pandemic, market, and financial outlook. I would think many of us are comfortable and place an abundance of trust in her knowledge, professionalism, and the variety of products and services she is able to offer, allowing her to shine these years acclaiming multiple awards and recognition. Keep up the great work!

Keryn, Facilities Coordinator in Software & Tech Services industry

Jasmine is very professional and drew a bigger picture for our investment. Nobody has ever done that for us. We were very at ease with her, even during our first meeting. We have met many other financial advisor representatives before Jasmine, but none has made us that comfortable and confident with leaving our lifelong savings with them. Jasmine has also opened our eyes to many investment options and retirement concepts. She is very knowledgeable in her field and also very quick in administering her work.

Richard & Boyi, Licensed Aircraft Engineer and Personal Assistant in an investment company respectively

I was really impressed during our first meeting in Oct 2018 when I responded to your advertisement on Facebook. Your knowledge of the product was clearly outstanding. You explain it very well and thoroughly. You were outstanding in your product knowledge. I was pleased that you were not hard selling but had the patience to give time for consideration. Much appreciated for your regular follow up to ensure I understand the product clearly. I was extremely satisfied with your services and will strongly recommend you. Wish you success in all your dealings!

Victor, Sales Regional Manager in manufacturing industry

Jasmine is professional in her undertaking and understands her products well. Based on your financial abilities and needs, she will recommend you what is most suitable for you. She is also approachable and patient, and will explain and compare the products and strategies until you have fully understood them. We trust Jasmine and have great confidence that she will manage our funds well. Hence, we have signed up for a few ongoing policies with her.

Dominic & Carissa Chiam

Jasmine is very prompt about responding to our enquiries. She understands our interests at heart and isn't pushy. While discussing our investment options with Jasmine, we found her to be competent and personable. She was able to explain things in a concise manner for us to understand. Jasmine has always been professional, pleasant, and a fantastic person to work with.

Maggie Zhan & Edmund Tian, Deputy general manager & Head of innovation centre

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